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•  5-star Customer Reviews (read online); Professional Reviews (on this site) 

•  A-Fib Fact Sheet: read online or download the PDF 

•  Author and Media Contacts: read online or download the .PDF

•  Author Bio: Full Bio - Short Bio - Byline - Patti Ryan Bio; read online or download the .PDF 

•  Awards and Recognition: list of awards and recognitions 

•  Book Summary and TOC: read online or download the.PDF  

•  Endorsements: read online Doctors - Patients or download the .PDF 
•  The Advisory Board: our international group of world–renowned cardiac advisers

•  Graphics and Photos: Portraits - Book Cover - A-Fib Graphics - Additional Pictures 

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•  Online Articles by Steve S. Ryan: listed by title and publication date with online link 

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•  Shelfari Book Extras (listing for Beat Your A-Fib): read online

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