DIY Heart Rate Monitors

Steve's Recommended Do-It-Yourself Heart Rate Monitors

A-Fib patients, do you want to monitor your heart rate when exercising or when performing physically demanding activities (i.e. mowing the lawn, loading equipment, etc.)?

Consider a consumer 'DIY' heart rate monitor (HRM) often used by athletes (I used one when I had A-Fib) or handheld ECG monitor. (Don't confuse these with a Fitbit type band---they're not accurate enough for patients.)

To get you started, see my list of recommended monitors on Amazon.comSteve's Top Picks: DIY Heart Rate Monitors for A-Fib PatientsTo help you sort through their extensive offerings, I narrowed down the choices to a few basic and advanced wristwatch models, as well as Bluetooth models, and the newer wearable technology. Each group is offered in an array of price points.

Learn More About Consumer Heart Rate Monitors

For a detailed discussion of Consumer Heart Rate Monitors for Atrial Fibrillation patients, see my article Guide to DIY Heart Rate Monitors (HRMs) & Handheld ECG Monitors

I cover Consumer HRMs, DIY or ‘Sport’ Heart Rate Monitors (HRM) that are designed for runners and other recreational athletes and uses a chest band. You'll also read about “wearable technology” which offers a new option for those who find a chest strap uncomfortable or chafing.

The latest category is real-time monitors: This category has been growing of late with some models having only limited track records. Going beyond just monitoring your heart rate, these units capture data and display it as an ECG (EKG) in real time.Read my article at

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